Reviews for The Talk

BY : PrincessKoriandr

  • From ANON - cillaxox on June 09, 2006

    So sweet and so well written. I really enjoyed reading it.

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  • From Gianni Lee on May 13, 2005

    Wow, I really like your writting style. There were a couple of spelling errors, nothing major. I am eagerly looking forward to reading more of your work!!

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  • From ANON - Sky Captain on January 23, 2005

    Hi, 'Kori'. Wow, you are obviously a woman. You hit the 2 super-lady's right on the head. Marv Wolfman(at least before 1990 when hi writing least on the Titans)) would have been proud. Ever think of going pro'?
    You have the characters dead on and You know Your history(this conversation most likely takes place before the full-on attack of Trigon the Terrible, the father of Raven for you noobies). I havent read comics regularly since 1995, so I'm out of the loop. I have always ultimately believed Dick Grayson and Donna Troy should have ended up together. It only makes sence. It should be a mystery titled, "Who loved Donna Troy?". The whole group get back together to find out who has been leaving lovenotes to Donna and Dick would lead them astray. But. as this was mearly a simple friendly group together(for old times and all that jazz), they were not expecting the mystery, which unintentionally gets them involved with some diabolical plot to destroy the world. They save the world, and it is revealed that Dick was the mystery admirer.
    Sorry, Back to your excellent story: Any way, You made a reference to Dick's early days when he had a 'friend' who treated him like a little brother. Unless I'm unaware of some pre-teen Teen Titan data, might have you been hinting that Donna was unaware of Dick's youthful infatuation with HER when they first joined forces with Speedy and Aqualad as a 'kid-partner' group?
    Finally, please make use of your star-bolts and destroy thay Cannonball pozer, below...

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  • From ANON - ShazamGrrl on January 17, 2005

    Kenya, hon, I LOVE your work & I hope you get back to writing soon!

    Ja ne!


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