Reviews for Birds of Prey: Twisted Desire

BY : RysMan

  • From DarkWater on December 22, 2021

    It's a special treat whenever a new chapter of this story pops up. My favorite series on this site.


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  • From LewdGabbie on September 09, 2021

    Happy to see this is stil being worked upon. Found it a couple days ago and was a bit worried it was dropped.

    Can't wait to see mroe of Dinah

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  • From DarkWater on March 01, 2021

    So happy this story is back. An incredible mix of mystery and dark, perverse sex. Can't wait to see if Dinah and Barbara win, or join themselves.

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  • From Darkguy21901 on February 08, 2020

    Damn man, one of the best written stories i have come across online. Can't wait for more chapters and when the other 2 joins in 

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  • From Alpha on September 06, 2019

    ahem... MORE!!!!

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  • From Alpha on September 06, 2019

    I'm on chapter 2 and so far I dig it! ;)

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  • From DarkWater on September 05, 2019

    Yet another incredible chapter. I can't praise it enough. Keeps leaving me wanting more each time I finish one.

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  • From Star-Knight on August 02, 2019

    Another great chapter.


    The reveal of our main antagonist did not disapoint and I cannot wait to see him in action. He ozzes confidence but isn't arragonat to the point where you wonder if they have a self aware plot shield, his verbal clash with Canary was great with some brilliant back and forth between them that had great tension and I loved seeing her appriciate his body/while still wanting to kick his ass.

    As always looking forward to the next chapter, had you considered bringing in other DC ladies for this school like Zatanna, Vixen ect. or just keep it to the main BOP trio?



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  • From DarkWater on July 27, 2019

    Yet another exciting chapter! This build up to the sex scenes is too good.

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  • From Star-Knight on July 13, 2019

    Really good second chapter.

    I love how you just had Barbra figure out what could be the cause of Huntress's change with comic book logic, letting it feel as if these characters do exist in a world where magic rings, hypnotisim and other weird stuff are the norm for costumed heroes, while also listing reasons as to why they simply cannot take off the ring, which again fits the world around them.

    Good amount of setup in this chapter hope there is more smut in next one but I am really enjoying the amount of detail put into these updates as its not just a mad rush to the good stuff. Hope that maybe Black Canary gets restless and tries to investiage on her own which leads to some new info as well as some action.

    Looking forward to the next chapter.

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  • From DarkWater on June 29, 2019

    Really enjoying this story so far! It's very compelling. An equal balance of engaging story and intense sex. I cannot wait for chapter 3!

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  • From Star-Knight on June 12, 2019

    Good first chapter.

    You've set up the plot, the series premise, a possible antagonist or two and the main characters and done it all well.

    I wonder what Huntress is going to be like when Canary and Barbra meet her, will she remember that she had sex with one of her students? Or could mind control keep that hidden from her?

    How will the heroines act in their new roles as teachers?

    I look forward to the next update. The build up leaves me wanting more so I hope you continue to slowly flesh out the plot while deliving on the sex. 

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