Reviews for The Submission of Kara Danvers (Supergirl)

BY : LovetheFallenAngels

  • From DarkWater on June 10, 2018

    Yet another amazing batch of chapters! Will we ever see a scene between Kara and Kal? That would make my day. Keep up the good work!

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  • From kmr2009 on June 10, 2018

    Very good story. Appreciate the quickness of your updates. 

    Really liked the Kara/Alex scene. Now we just need Alex paying Kara back. 

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  • From LovetheFallenAngels on June 09, 2018

    Thank you both for the feedback. I'm working on the next part, should have another couple of chapters ready tonight or tomorrow at the latest. 

    SailorNemesis, thank you for your comments on the angst. I will try to increase the amount of sex going forward. I'm trying to balance the character stuff with sex scenes so it's not just all sex, but it's good to know I may have gone over the top with angst. I like your idea about Alex and Kara. I'll try to make something happen. 

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  • From DarkWater on June 09, 2018

    Normally it takes me a while to finish these longer stories, but I was so compelled by this, I powered through it in like, a day. The sex scenes, and Kara's downfall into depravity were ridiculously hot too. Can't wait for more!

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  • From SailorNemesis on June 09, 2018

    Chap 19. Too much angst, not enough sex and dominance, not just this chap but the last several. I hope the focus returns to sex.  Looking forward to Kara seducing Alex on command.

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