Reviews for Dark Venomous Urges

BY : BlackMarvelDC

  • From Ragnarok on November 15, 2017

    Amazing story.

    Mera doesn't get used nearly as much as she should, and Black Manta is aslo a great contrast to Aquaman, being silent, rough and domineering, tapping on sides of Mera Arthur probably doesn't cater to and she likes to pretend are not there.

    The premise is great, and the venomous eel is a great 'starter' for what I hope are events that keep unfolding way beyond their weekend. I am curious to see how Mera handles all the things she did and said while under the influence of the venom, since she doesn't do anything she doesn't want or say what she doesn't feel.



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  • From Star-Knight on November 14, 2017

    In short, I liked this. It was diffrent from most other stories in the DC section of this site, and featured two cool characters we rarley ever get to see. I found myself wondering why no one had ever thought of this situation before after reading your piece. It makes so much sense.

    Anyway, gonna talk about the actual fic.

    I liked the short characterisation we got out of Mera, before she gets hit by the aphrodisiac eel, she seemed in character which makes it more enjoyable rather than have her OOC and just acting like a brainless slut for the hell of it. The descriptions both of location and her were good, and I loved how she becomes while high of the eel's sting.

    Way to betray your husband Mera. Looking foward to seeing how this might evolve in future chapters.

    Manta also felt in character, and I like how domiant and silent he is during the actual sex while also showing his ego and his hatred for Aquaman still remains despite the eel'seffect.

    I really hope you continue this storyline. But I will also be on the lookout for anything else you might post in the future. 

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