Reviews for MV5

BY : BaddGrrl

  • From ZeeMcZed on November 06, 2017

    So, first and foremost - I got an account for this site specifically to review this.

    Secondly, I like it. There are a few OOC moments, but most of those can be attributed to how your version of Mv5 works. Part of me would like to see Susan musing on how her normal mindset towards her being sexually active with another was... well, in the single word of her dripping black thought bubble, THINGS.... while now after experiencing it, she's seemingly quite okay with it all, and what might have changed mentally.

    Assuming, of course, that this isn't just an AU where Susan has different preferences.

    Past that... I'd like to see Tedd continuing to branch out to explore things that he can't do with Grace. Perhaps with Elliot. ;) And I'd love to see the flipside of that - there has to be SOMETHING that Grace wants to do that she can't do with Tedd.

    By and large... KEEP IT UP! We've got some good writers over on AO3, but we need all the good EGS fanficcers we can get.

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  • From Rinthewolf on October 22, 2017

    Well, I really enjoyed this. The while second chapter felt like a tease, but I hope that means the second will be sexier. In particular, I'm wanting to see Grace's MV5 performance, since it's already most girls' ideal idea of a hunk. I could only imagine what her freaky DNA would do to it.

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