Reviews for A Love Worth Fighting For

BY : Roninjedi

  • From SailorNemesis on January 21, 2018

    Hot, I love a submissive Diana

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  • From ANON - MDR on January 04, 2016

    Very nice. It has been shown that even Diana's gods are nervous about Clark, so this might make them even more cautious. If you wanted to make a chapter two and go that way, I can see Zeus being irritated that Athena would provoke Superman and Wonder Woman in such a way, and could order her to submit to the Man of Steel for a period of time. At which time Clark and Diana could teach her a new way to be a 'companion' of Heroes (one of her titles I think).
    I've always wondered why there are not more Superman stories where he is actually kinky in private. I mean, he was raised on Earth, and should have a human male's mindset. And probably has all the same sexual fantasies most American males have. Threesomes, orgies, watching lesbians, cheerleaders/nurses/celebrities/etc., twins, what have you. There are a lot of fairly common fetishes out there. I find the idea that Sups being truly an icon and a person respected rightfully by the world, while at the same time being rather dominant (caring, but dominant) and/or kinky in the bedroom actually a bit more realistic than not. But he would be caring, no matter what, as that is core to who he is.
    For Diana I can see her being either dominant or submissive, depending on who she is with. I lot of people cannot see her as submissive, but I have no problems with her wanting to give up control to the right person and lay down her burdens for periods of time.
    Anyways, good story. Keep up the good work.

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  • From ANON - Babs on January 02, 2016

    Really addicted to your writing these days. Not only is it hot , but it's a well written story. Keep up the momentum.
    I know that you're mostly Clark, but would you consider writing in a Batman/Batgirl or Bruce/Barbara scene in a future story? Outside of WW/SM they're my favorite pairing.

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