Reviews for Laughter in the Dark

BY : FlameWolf

  • From ANON - on August 06, 2018


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  • From JadeStone717 on June 29, 2017

    Normally when I see a story thats 35 chapters long I either skip it entirely or I only make it halfway through due to boredom. However I made it all the way through this one and I never once felt like stopping (even though it took 3 solid days of reading). I love it, You dont compramise the reality of who these villans are for the sake of story but rather embrace thier nature and work within the world they would likely inhabit. I would love to see more stories like this. A++ from me!

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  • From Charles_de_Mercania on July 21, 2016

    Wolf, you went a direction I never expected.  Harley was such a useful foil to use in the story that removing her never occurred to n my thinking as a possibility.  That is the kind of plot twist that can draw readers into the story deeper OR drive them away entirely.  Readers with a strong attachment to Harley may stop reading your story when Harley makes her exit.  I won't. be one of them.

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  • From Charles_de_Mercania on May 18, 2016

    I just finished reading the current 24 chapters of this story. I like your development of Crane/Scarecrow, Napier/Joker and Jovian/Black Spade. BTW, she isn't developing PTSD. Marie Jovian has suffered from fully developed PTSD from the beginning of your story--but I'm pretty sure you already knew that and have been using it as one of the major driving forces of your plot. Kudos on handling that so nicely. I'm fairly sure you have intimate knowledge of how PTSD affects those who suffer from it, as you characterize the symptoms so accurately. On another subject, I'm guessing that English is not your native tongue, or if it is, your's is a dialect widely separated from my own Mid-West American dialect of the language. You use word choices that are distinctly foreign to the dialect of English that I speak and write. Most notably, You often use the words "male" and "female" where I would expect "man" and "woman". There are a few other phrasings that strike me as odd, but they are not to difficult for me to parse your meaning. Overall I'm enjoying your story very much. I'm curious if Black Spade will develop a signature weapon the way most comic book villians do? If so are you intent on following the historic and etymological connection between "Spade"-->(Spanish "Espada") = (English "Sword")?

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  • From ANON - Hannah on January 18, 2016

    This story is really good, and even though I can't get alerts for it, I've bookmarked it on my browser so I can come back and look for updates, I really cannot wait to read more!

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